Rachel on Compilations
in alphabetical order:

Akron Compilation - 1978 - Stiff LC-4764 (German LP) - "Truckstop Queen", "Tourist Boys"

Akron Compilation - 1978 - Stiff GET3 (UK LP) - "Truckstop Queen", "Tourist Boys"

After The Love - 1995 - "Everlasting Love"

Be Stiff - 1979 - Stiff ODD 2 - "Be Stiff"

Can't Start Dancin' - Stiff - "Cuckoo Clock", "I'll Watch The News"

Chart Toppers - "Everlasting Love"

Essantial Love Collection (3 CD set) - "I Go To Pieces"

For Your Love - 1994 - Sony 57854 - "Everlasting Love"

Greatest Hits of the 80's, Vol.2 - Sony - "Voo Doo"

Hot Duets - 1997 - Sony - "Everlasting Love"

Keep On Loving You (2 CD version) - 2000 - Madacy Records 3483 - "Everlasting Love"

Keep On Loving You - Sony (Columbia Special Products) 22162 - "Everlasting Love"

Millennium - "B-A-B-Y"

Motorway Cassette - Stiff ZCAR1 - "Stay Awhile"
(This cassette was planned, but never released)

(Just Can't Get Enough) New Wave Hits of the 80s, Vol.8 - 1994 - Rhino R2 71701 - "Voo Doo"

Oldies But 80's: Best of the 80's - 1994 - Risky Business/Sony AK 66396 - "Voo Doo"

Reel Music Soundtrack Sampler From MCA - 1991 - MCA CD33-1256/1257 - "Hairspray"

Soft Love - 1999 - Platinum Disc Corp. 14092 - "Everlasting Love"

Stiff Box Set - 1992 - Rhino R2 71062 - "B-A-B-Y", "Who Does Lisa Like"

Stiff, Stiffer, Stiffest, A Stiff Records Collection - Metro metrocd042 - "B-A-B-Y"

Straight Outta Cleveland - 1995 - OGL - "Everlasting Love"

Starpower - Ruby Records - "Everlasting Love"

TRAIN sampler - 1978 - Stiff - "Wildwood Saloon" and "Cuckoo Clock"

Two Of A Kind - Columbia 483102017 - "Everlasting Love"

Unforgettable Love Songs - 1998 - Chrysalis SD885452 - "I Go To Pieces"

WOW! That Was The '70s - "B-A-B-Y"

Rachel on Soundtracks
in alphabetical order:

Cry Baby Soundtrack - 1990 - MCA MCAD-8038 - "Please Mr. Jailer", "A Teenage Prayer", "Mr. Sandman" (backing vocals), "King Crybaby" (additional vocals)

Dear God (VHS video) - 1996 - "Please, Mr. Postman"
This song is in the movie, but there appears to be no soundtrack available.

GYPSY (Television Sountrack) - 1993

Hairspray Soundtrack - "Hairspray"

Hot Shots Soundtrack - 1997 - Varese Sarabande VSD 05338 - "Man I Love"
Hot Shots (VHS video) - 1997 - 20th Century Fox - #1930 UPC#08616219303 - "Man I Love"
Rachel did "vocal enhancements" for the the co-star of the movie, Valeria Golino. Appearantly Ms. Golino couldn't carry it off by herself. The song is in the movie and on the soundtrack.

More Music from the Valley Girl Soundtrack - 1995 - Rhino - "Voo Doo"

Pow Wow Highway (VHS video) - 1988 - "Everything's Different But Nothing Has Changed" - This song by Rachel is in this movie, but there is no soundtrack album available that I know of.

Stuart Saves His Family Soundtrack - 1995 - "Silver Bells"

Tank Girl - "B-A-B-Y"
This song is in the movie, but not on the soundtrack album.

This is What Na Na Means by Clarissa and the Straightjackets
This isn't actually a soundtrack, but an album sung by Melissa Joan Hart
still in her character of Clarissa from the TV show Clarissa Explains It All.
Although Rachel does the theme song for the show, the version included on this CD
is sung by Melissa and is a much longer version (with complete verses) than is heard at the show's start and finish.
Rachel sings backing vocals on this album

200 Cigarettes (VHS Video) - 1999 - "Who Does Lisa Like" - The song is heard in the movie, it is not; however, on the soundtrack album so if you are a "completist" collector you'll need to buy the video.

Rachel on videos

I Want My DVD Vol. 2 - 2000 - DVD format - UPC# 026617-95029-3 - "Everlasting Love"

Here are a few odd ones
Rachel has one song on each of the following videos:

Song City USA
and More Song City USA (1989 - "My Best Friend's Back","Clean Up The USA")
Rachel does not appear in these videos. These are children's videos where kids are lip syncing to various songs.

That Teen Show #5 - Teenage Marriage
Today's teens are concerned about education, sex, business, drug abuse, news, views and music. This program highlights all of these subjects and features "Top of the Chart" musical groups. Included are Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet with their duet "Everlasting Love".

Rachel on others albums
in alphabetical order:

In The Land Of The Good Groove by Nile Rodgers - 1983

Everlasting Love by Rex Smith - 1981

Jane Aire and the Belvederes by Jane Aire - 1979 - Virgin V-2134
Rachel does backing vocals.

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