Rachel's Movie Appearances
In alphabetical order:

ALL TIED UP - "J.J." - 1994
Un Soltero con Mucha Cuerda (Spanish dubbed version) - "J.J." - 1994

GYPSY - "Agnes" - 1993
made for TV movie starring Bette Midler. Rachel has a non-singing role.

The Investigator - 1991
made for tv movie about a P.I. whose life is changed by a homeless woman.

SING - "Cecelia" - 1989
Rachel plays a small role, but she does get to sing one song.

still shot of Rachel from the movie SING

Curse of the Corn People - early 80s
The only thing I know for sure about this movie is that Rachel was in it.

Also of interest is that around 1992 Rachel appeared in a touring production of "Theda Berra - The Vamp". I don't think this was ever filmed though.

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