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Rachel Sweet was born July 28th, 1962 in Akron, Ohio USA. She worked as a child model for awhile and began singing professionally at the age of five. She toured with Mickey Rooney and was the opening act for Bill Cosby's Las Vegas act. She auditioned for the lead role in The Exorcist, but without her parents/managers knowledge asked the casting director to remove her from the running because she didn't want to be in a movie "with all that bad language". At the age of 12 she recorded her first single, Faded Rose, for the Derrick label. After she recorded a few more singles for Derrick, Stiff Records released a compilation album of Akron acts and included two songs by Rachel. Rachel was then signed to a contract with Stiff. In 1978, Rachel and other Stiff artists (including Lene Lovich and Wreckless Eric) went on tour. Rachel's backing band for the tour were the Records who subsequently went on to minor success by themselves with a song called Starry Eyes. Her first Stiff single, a remake of B-A-B-Y, became a UK Top 40 hit. Her first Stiff album, Fool Around was recorded with backing band The Rumour (best known as Graham Parker's band) and included several songs by Liam Sternberg, Rachel's manager. In 1979 she and Sternberg parted company and she released her second album, Protect The Innocent, backed by Fingerprintz, one of England's first real New Wave bands who released 4 albums of bright insightful songs on their own. This album had a harder edge than the previous album and was well recieved by critics and is thought by many to be her best effort. The album contained the first track released to be written by Rachel, Tonight Ricky. After a major publicity push failed to lead to Protect The Innocent becoming a commercial success, she left Stiff and was signed to CBS/Columbia. In 1981, her first CBS/Columbia album, …And Then He Kissed Me, was released. It included her UK and US Top 40 hit duet with Rex Smith, a remake of Everlasting Love. This album was her most "commercial" sounding album to date. Her last complete album was Blame It On Love, which contained more Rachel Sweet originals than any of her previous albums and had Rachel as executive producer. Rachel stopped recording while she attended college. She currently works behind the scenes on American TV shows like The Nanny, Dharma & Greg, Sports Night, The George Lopez Show, and Legally Blonde. She has also had moderate success with an acting career with performances in the TV shows Seinfeld, Night Court, and Hope & Gloria as well as several small movie roles. Her most recent recordings have been songs on the soundtracks of two Jon Waters films, CRYBABY and HAIRSPRAY. For more detailed information on any aspect of her career just click a link below.

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