The Legend Of Hannahtoes

"I've often been asked why, if my name is Sandee, is my screen name Hannahtoes? It has to do with a little hereditary abnormality. My maternal Grandmother's maiden name was Hannah. And most of her female descendents have their 2nd and 3rd toes joined together to that first little knuckle. It's a barely noticable thing, but whenever a child is born in the family someone eventually asks, "Does it have the Hannah toes?" Thus was born Hannahtoes. I felt it was unique enough that I wouldn't be fighting people for it whenever I registered on various websites, personal enough to actually mean something to me, and yet still kinda cute."

The Pages Of Hannahtoes

Sandee's Place
My personal homepage. Poetry and words of encouragement for troubled teens.

A Ton Of Cheese And Lunchmeat
My site for the band The Waitresses. Includes exclusive interviews.

Rachel's Cuckoo Clock
My site for singer/actress Rachel Sweet. Includes extensive discography, filmography, a bulletin board, and exclusive photo albums.

The Albums Of Pablo Cruise
An albumography for the band Pablo Cruise. (This site DOES NOT include singles.)

Sandee's Two Day Men At Work Extravaganza
Two concert reviews, exclusive photos, and a brief history of the band Men At Work.

Wallpapers I made for FOX's Murder In Small Town X

T-shirt designs I made for FOX's Murder In Small Town X

My tribute to Angel "Little Louie" Juarbe, Jr.
Died September 11, 2001

Spice Girls - Virginia
I am a state representative in Spice Fans United - USA and this is my page dedicated to The Spice Girls in Virginia.

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